【Taizhong】I stayed at Lane62 Hostel.


They are located near Taichung Tokai (Tokai Night Market) in Taichung. It is near from bus station. The price is quite cheap.

The appearance is like this. Something like old.

(Photo from Agoda)

Thier sraff taught me the entrance passcode at check-in but I indeed forgotten.

There is a guitar and a table on the first floor and you can do it there. Kitchen is also in the back and water are there, but it is crowded. I bought some water in the nearby 7 – 11.

Here are many cockroaches, insects and mosquitoes.

It was nice to have a small room to change clothes at the shower room.

Bet is like this. The locker is in there. A M size suitcase will enter.

But I will never come back again. Because I was bitten by mosquitoes.

(Photo from Agoda)

You can book here.


No.280, Section 5, Taiwan Boulevard, Longjing

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