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About Anping Tree House

The Anping Tree House, located next to the former Taichi Shokan (former Deki Shokan) in Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan, was a warehouse of the Taichi Shokan, one of the five largest trading companies in the Anping area during the Japanese occupation.

Abandoned for a long time, the huge banyan tree has taken over the warehouse in many ways, with its aerial roots and trunk becoming part of the architecture. The brick walls of the warehouse have faded and crumbled, and the roots and trunks cover the walls, windows, doors, and ground, forming an extraordinary sight.

How to get there

By Car.
National Highway No. 1 National Highway No. 1 (National Highway No. 1) →Yongkang Interchange (Yongkang Interchange) →Park Road (Park Road) →Nanmenhuan (South Gate Circle) > Minsheng Road →Anping Road →Bei’an Road →Gubao Street →Anping Tree House

National Highway No. 1 → Rende Interchange → Prefectural Highway No. 182 → Tainan City Center → Dongmen Rd. → Fuqian Rd. → Zhonghua W. Rd. → Bei’an Rd. → Baojie → Anping Tree House (Zhonghua W. Rd.) → Anping Rd.

By bus.
Take bus #2, 5, 7, 11, or 14 and get off at Tainan Station. From there, transfer to bus #24 and get off at Anping Tree House. transfer to bus #24 and get off at Anping Tree House.

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The Anping Tree House was built by the Tate Trading Company behind the Tate Trading Company after the Qing Dynasty opened the port as an international trading port in 1858, and was originally a warehouse for storing sugar and camphorwood built during the Qing Dynasty. During the Japanese occupation, it was used to store salt, another important product of Tainan.
After World War II, it was used as a salt warehouse and then fell into disrepair for a long time.
It was opened as a tourist attraction in 2004.

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