【Taizhong】I stayed at VIP Hotel


(Photo from Agoda)

They are close to Taichung train station and I can walk to the Yizhongjie area. There is a viewshow shopping mall nearby. It is very convenient to go to Sun Moon Lake so close to bus terminal. The way to open the door is by the key which was somewhat distinctive and confusing.

Breakfast is quite delicious.

(Photo from Agoda)

The room is a normal feeling. It is wide and comfortable. Speaking of Japan, it is like a normal large business hotel.

It was pretty crowded because it is popular here.

Wireless LAN was slow, but there was a wired LAN. I used it over there.

There were free 500 ml PET bottles (water), toothpaste set, shampoo and body soap. It will be a nice hotel in Taichung.

(Photo from Agoda)

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No. 5, Section 1, Shuangshi Road, Central District, Taichung City

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