【Taizhong】I stayed at The Enterpriser Hotel


The Enterpriser Hotel is in the back of Talco department store near Taichung Station. It seems to be the same line as Twin Star Hotel. They were on the same website.

There are also parking spaces. The staff was very polite. There was one who could do Japanese.

The building looks old, but the price is cheap. The key is not a card type, but with a heavy plastic stick, it is a type that I can be deposited at the front.

I got tickets for breakfast and ate it on the first floor. The time was until 9:30.

Room is old, but it is cheap and it is near from station so there is no problem. There is not so much noise.

amenities are like this.

Prices did not change for single and twin.

The breakfast venue is not big, so I could not sit in the peak zone around 7 o’clock.

You can book here.


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