【Hsinchu】Directions to Hsinchu City God’s Land


About Hsinchu City God’s Land

In Taiwanese folk beliefs, Hsinchu City God Temple is as prestigious as Beigang’s A-Ma. Hsinchu City God Temple has a history of over 250 years and is designated as a Class III Historical Site.

The name “Hsinchu City God” has become even more prestigious due to the deity’s spiritual significance and the cultural and economic prosperity of the Hsinchu area. Today, the Hsinchu City God Temple remains an important center of worship for the citizens of Hsinchu and attracts visitors from all over the world all year round.

Once inside the temple, the hustle and bustle of the city is immediately cut off. In the main hall, a long burning city god with a black face is seated, and a plaque clearly stating his authority hangs from a beam. The oblong plaque, “Golden Gate Protector,” was given by Emperor Kwang-o in honor of his many demonstrations of strength in defending the capital against foreign enemies. The dark temple is filled with awe-inspiring statues of civil and military officials, ministers and generals with grim faces. A large iron abacus hangs from a beam, reminding the world that good and evil must ultimately be accounted for. In the back hall, the benevolent “City Goddess,” the first and second “Masters,” and the “Goddess of Inspiration” are enshrined.

The roof is decorated with stick cutouts, the arches under the eaves are gilded, the dragon pillar is intricately carved, and the stone lion standing in front of Sanggawado has masculine, powerful lines, yet a gentle expression. The stone window carved out of the entire stone on the roof of Sancheondang and the tiered algae well are also worth a closer look.

Every year on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, the city deity makes a pilgrimage to help orphaned souls and return for peace.

Bus: From the Hsinchu Railway Station, take Hsinchu Bus No. 11, 23, 25, or 28 and get off at the Chengguang Temple stop, or walk along Zhongzheng Rd. and pass Yuanhuan to reach Dongmen Street, a distance of about 700 meters.

How to get there

By car
Get off at the Hsinchu Interchange of Zhongshan High School, go along Guangfu Road toward Hsinchu City, turn left on Zhonghua Road and go straight to the railroad station, turn right on Zhongzheng Road to the Dongmen Ring Road, go straight on Dongmen Ring Road to the left side.

Mass Transportation].
1. Passenger Transportation: Take bus No. 11, 11A, or 21 from the Hsinchu Bus Terminal across from the Hsinchu Railway Station to the City God Temple Station.
2. High Speed Rail: Take the High Speed Rail to the Hsinchu Station, transfer to the shuttle bus to the Dongmen Market Station, and walk directly to the Hsinchu City God Temple.

No. 75, Zhongshan Lane, Zhongshan Road, North District, Hsinchu City


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