【Taizhong】I stayed at Forbes hotel!


Here is one of the worst I have stayed in Taiwan.

Well anyway it’s ragged. It is completely different from the picture in agoda. They do not even have WIFI and breakfast. They are very far from the station.

old lobby.

The inside is a colonnade. It was noisy in the morning because of the noise. It is the feeling that the sound resonates in the room.

The room is pretty ragged. There are nice pictures in Agoda, but it was completely different. There was garbage on the floor.

It was nice to have three waters.

There is no WIFI here, but I connected it with a wired LAN.

One night was 30 us dollar. I think I will not come here anymore.

You can book here.

Address:No. 181, Xueshi Road, North District, 40454 Taizhong

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