【Hsinchu】How to get to Neiwan


About Neiwan

The clear waters of the Yauro River are about 100 meters wide, and the view from the highway of the spacious riverbed, green forests, and suspension bridge is like a fairyland on earth.

The old streets of Neiwan are full of nostalgic charm, including the Guangji Temple, railroad station, theater, and Neiwan Suspension Bridge. The wild ginger flower meatballs, purple jade vegetable buns, Hakka tea, tea smoothies, and Hakka cakes in Neiwan Old Street are sure to tantalize visitors’ taste buds.

Neiwan Station is located in Neiwan Village, Hengshan Township, Hsinchu County, and was the terminus of the Neiwan Line of the Hsinchu Branch of the Western Main Line. The station retains many unique architectural features built in the 1950s and 1960s, and there is an “Opening Monument” for future generations to look back on the arduous path of the railroad’s development.

Today, a shuttle bus still runs daily from Jhudong Station, and the railroad tracks run through a long tunnel through the mountains and forests.

How to get there

When coming by car
1. Exit at Bei Er High School at the Guan Ti Miao Interchange→Provincial Highway No. 3 to Hexing→turn left onto County Road 120 and go straight.
2. 68.8 km traffic light on Provincial Highway No. 3 (exit south and turn left, exit north and turn right) – 21.6 km on County Road 120 – 25 km on County Road 120 to Neiwan Image Shopping Area.
3. Alternative roads
(1) 69.8km Taichung No. 3 traffic light (exit at south, turn left, exit at north, turn right) – cross the railroad tracks and turn left at the beginning of Jhulin No. 35 – turn left (Yau Lo) on Jhulin No. 35 about 2.3km – turn right about 2.0km past Yongfeng Bridge – County Road 120 24.6km – 25km Take County Road 120 to Neiwan Picture Shopping to the Neiwan Image Shopping Area.
(2) Line 3km (Kanku) – Mabutu Road – County Road 120 – Note: To avoid traffic jams on holidays, please use alternative roads to enter and exit Neiwan.

High Speed Rail
Take the THSR to the Hsinchu Station and transfer to other mass transit systems from there. Taiwan High Speed Rail Homepage

Hsinchu Station – Neiwan Branch Line

Hsinchu Bus, take the bus from Jhudong to Naraku, Meihua, Xinle, or Xiyuan, and get off at Neiwan Station.


Today, trains still depart daily from the station, and the railroad runs through long tunnels through mountains and forests.

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