【Taitung】Shiyuan Beachへの行き方


About Shiyuan Beach

Shiyuan Beach is located at the southern end of the curved Tulang Bay in Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan, about 12 kilometers from downtown Taitung. The beach has soft, fine sand, the terrain is fairly open and flat, and the water is crystal clear, making it suitable for many water activities, parent-child interaction, and a place for tourists to relax.

Shiyuan Beach is rich in ecological diversity, and amphibians are often seen on the beach. However, due to the severe erosion of the eastern coast by the Pacific Ocean and the illegal construction of hotels in recent years, the coastline is gradually shrinking inland, and the original ecological balance of flora and fauna is being disrupted. The government is working with experts to conduct environmental surveys and maintenance, and it is believed that freshness will return to Sugihara Beach in the near future.

How to get there

Public Transportation
1. From Taitung Railway Station, take the passenger bus bound for Dingji Road or Hualien, get off at Chenggong, Jingpu, or Hualien, and get off at Sugawara Beach.
2. Take the Hualien-Dingtung Passenger Line bound for Taitung from Hualien Train Station, get off at Sugawara Beach.

By car
From Taitung City, take Provincial Highway No. 11 northward → From Hualien City, take Provincial Highway No. 11 southward → Arrive at Sugawara via Donghecheon.


Ticket information All reserved seats General tickets 60 yuan Half tickets 30 yuan Children under 120cm tall. Concessionary tickets 50 yuan Military, police and students (ID required).

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