【Hsinchu】How to get to Hukou Old Street


About Hukou Old Street

The old Hukou, centering on Sanyuan Temple, consists of three streets: “Street,” “Hengqi,” and “New Street,” with “Street” being the first to be established around 1920, and “New Street” being the latest. New Street is what is now called “Huigou Old Street.

All the buildings in Hukou Old Street are made of red bricks and have a special architectural style: the tower facade belongs to Roman Baroque architecture, the structure is Minnan style, and there is a long row of stores and houses on both sides of the street.

The interior layout of the houses on Old Street is a mixture of houses and stores, with the first entrance being the store, the second entrance being the house, and the deep well between them being the kitchen.

Of all the existing old streets in Taiwan, the architectural facades of Hukou Old Street are the least exciting and complex, yet the most well-preserved. The arched doors of Hukou Old Street are opposite each other, and the street houses are all neat and uniform, complete with towers. Walking through the old streets of Hukou is like walking through a blur of history.

There are several family temples with different surnames on the street, and the Sanyuan Palace at the end of the street has been the center of unity among the residents.

It was built in the 3rd year of the Republic of China (3rd year of the Grand Council of State) and was completed in the 7th year of the Republic of China (7th year of the Grand Council of State). The palace mainly enshrines the three official deities (heavenly high official Yo, earthly official Shun, and water official Yu), commonly called the three world deities, as well as Guanyin Buddha, Ma Buddha, Zhu Sheng Buddha, and Fortune Deity (commonly called Land God or Bo God).

How to get there

Public Transportation
Take the train to Hsinchu Station, transfer to bus 5612 “Hukou – Hsinchu (via Fengshan Village)” and get off at “Hukou Old Street” to get there.


The architectural facade of Hukou Old Street is not the most exciting or complex of the old streets extant in Taiwan, but it is the best preserved.

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