[Gourmet] Hot chicken meat rice restaurant in front of Chiayi Station


Where is the place?

Located in front of Chiayi Station.

It seems that Chiayi is very famous for chicken rice. Fire chicken = turkey. This restaurant looks like a long-established store for 50 years.

This is their Menu. It’s cheap. I feel like I want it.

I didn’t see many people inside.

Chicken rice and gow wonton. this was large  size but small. The taste is delicious unlike eating in Taipei.

It is completely different from taipei one. why it is so different. Is it sauce problem?
Anyway, it was delicious and surprised. This dish, which has roots in the late period of Japanese rule, is a local gourmet that has been loved by many citizens after 70 years.

I ate dry noodles on a different day.
This was a normal taste.


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