[Kaohsiung] I stayed at Legend Hotel Pier2!


This is a great hotel.
It is about 5 minutes from MRT station or LRT station.

The building is large and easy to understand. This owl object is a landmark.

It is the front. Some staff could speak Japanese. It seems that there are many Japanese regular customer.


It looks like you can pay with Bitcoin.

Shared basement room. There were long tables with power supplies, games, etc.

Free PC you can use.

Showers and toilets are in each room. It’s really big.

The washing machine is underground. It’s free. Detergent is also free. The dryer is charged.

There was also an iron. This is thankful.

Lockers can be opened with a card key. Suitcase M size entered.
The room is also large.

The bed is quite spacious. I was very relaxed.

This is the hotel I want to visit again. There is also a rental cycle service.

You can book here

Address: No.67, Wufu 4th Road ,, Yancheng, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 803

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