【Kaohsiung】I stayed at SingleInn – Kaohsiung Linsen.


They are located around 5-8 minutes walk from Kaohsiung train station. They are in the basement.

(Photo from agoda)

What a wonderful thing here is that there is a huge SPA. There are 2 saunas, SPA bathtubs, bathing bath etc. It is a wonderful inn. I was surprised.

(Photo from agoda)

This time I stayed in a single room, not a dormitory. It was roughly the same as Single Inn in Taipei.

(Photo from agoda)

There is breakfast as well. Check-in time is late (5pm) so be careful. I thought it was 3 o’clock so I waited quite well.

You can book here.


B1, No. 267, Linsen 1st Road, xinxing, 800 kaoshiung

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