【Taitung】Directions to National Museum of Prehistory


About National Museum of Prehistory

The Taiwan Museum of Prehistory and Culture is divided into the main building, which covers an area of approximately 10 hectares and is located south of Kang Le Station in Taitung City, and the Peinan Cultural Park, which covers an area of approximately 18 hectares and is located on both sides of Taitung New Railway Station.

The museum was developed in the 36th year of the Republic of China when a large number of sarcophagus tombs were excavated at the Peinan Site during the construction of the Taitung New Railway Station and the Southern Railway Yard. The Peinan Site is the most complete prehistoric settlement site in Taiwan’s archaeological history and the largest sarcophagus burial site in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. However, in order to minimize the damage to the site caused by the museum construction, the entire site area was planned as the Peinan Cultural Park, and the museum was built south of the Kang Le Station on the Nan Huai Railway, creating a foundation for the preservation and study of Taiwan’s prehistoric period.

The Prehistory Museum of Taiwan is the most beautiful museum in Taiwan, with the most localized exhibits. In the first phase of exhibits, visitors can learn about Taiwan’s natural history, prehistory, and the culture and development of the southern islanders of Taiwan, fully demonstrating the essence of Taiwan’s prehistory and aboriginal culture. Meanwhile, the Peinan Cultural Park is a heritage park that exhibits excavated items in situ, with a rich and diverse flora and fauna, and is an environmental reproduction of a natural park.

How to get there

By car:
1. Southbound route: Chishang → Guanshan → Chulu → (Penang) gas station → Turn right on East 37 County Road → Turn left on Zhongxing Road → Turn right on Yongfeng Yu Paper Factory
2. Southbound: Shoufeng → Fengbin → Changbin → Donghe → Taitung City → turn right at Zhongxing Rd. → turn right at Yongfeng Yu Paper Factory
3. Northbound: Dawu→Taimali→Chihbian (Taiwan Highway 9) →Arao gas station→Qinghai Road→Zhongxing Road→turn right at Yongfeng Buyeo Paper Factory.
4. Northbound: Dawu→Taimali→Xinzhibong Bridge (Taiwan Route 11) →Zhonghua Road→Hanyang Road→Zhenyi North Road→Minkong Road→Zhongxing Road→turn left at Yongfeng Buyeo Paper Factory.

Public Transportation
By train: Take the Taiwan Railway Eastern Main Line, get off at Hongqiao Station, and walk about 10 minutes toward Museum Street.
By bus: Take Dingdong Bus, get off at Yongfeng Yuya Paper Factory, and walk about 20 minutes.


General ticket NT$80.
Group tickets NT$60; groups of 10 or more.
NT$50 for children over 6 and under 12 years old.

Admission is free for
1、Seniors 65 years old or older: free on weekdays, half-price on holidays.
2、Children under 6 years old.
3、Persons with a physical or mental disability certificate and their accompanying persons if necessary.
4、Holders of the Volunteer Service Honor Card. (Must be issued in accordance with the Volunteer Law.)

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