【Hsinchu】Directions to Nanliao Fishing Port


About Nanliao Fishing Port

The Nanliao Fishing Port is located in the northwestern suburbs of Hsinchu City, not far from downtown Hsinchu, making transportation very convenient. Nanliao Fishing Harbor is also the end of the return journey for fishing boats from the north and south, and was once a distribution center for fish and fishing boats from all over the world. Although there are not many fishing boats in Nanliao Fishing Port, it used to be crowded with lighted fishing boats coming from all over Hokkaido to catch komaki, and at its peak there were over 200 large trawlers.

Based on the need for cultural preservation and the regional industrial development policy, the old Nanliao Harbor was preserved, and together with the new harbor, the Nanliao Shuanggang Area Revitalization Project was implemented to make Nanliao Fishing Harbor an ideal place for people to spend their holidays and develop it into a tourist attraction in Hsinchu.

How to get there

By car
1. National Highway 1: Exit at the Hsinchu Interchange, take County Road 122 (Gwangfu Road), pass Dongda Road to Nanliao, meet a fork in front of Nanliao Police Station, and take the middle road toward Nanliao Fishing Harbor.

By public transportation
1. Bus: Take No. 15 to Nanliao Fishing Harbor.


Beach play pool for parents and children
Hours of operation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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