【Hsinchu】Directions to Dapu Water Depot


About Dapu Water Depot

The reservoir is 98.8 meters long, 24.4 meters high, and has four gates, and is mainly used to irrigate farmland in the four towns of Xiangshan, Baoshan, Zhounan, and Toufen, and to serve as a flood storage and drainage system. The monument next to the dam was carved by Chiang Meng-Lin to commemorate the enormity of the project.

The lake is filled with small islands of grass and trees, which look like green pearls scattered among the blue waves.

How to get there

Exit the highway at the Dongfeng Interchange, take County Road 124 to Shanzhu Lake, Provincial Highway 3 to Jhudong, and continue 2.2 km to Emeihu Entrance Station, the entrance to the reservoir dam, for a total distance of approximately 11.6 km to reach the dam.


The lake is filled with many small islands of grass and trees, looking like green pearls scattered among the blue waves. Southwest of the reservoir is a flat grassy area where camping is possible. The view is blue and refreshing, with the lake to the east and the mountains to the west, but those who wish to camp must bring their own equipment and notify the police station in advance.

Fuxing village, located on the northern shore of the reservoir, is famous for its Fuxing tea, and there is a 1,000-pyeong Fuxing tea factory in the vicinity for those who want to taste the tea.

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