【Taipei】I stayed at Taipei Design Hostel!


They are located close to Longshan Temple. I made a reservation from AIRBNB.

Because I do not know the entrance so I called them.

The room was in the basement. It is a private room. It is very dirty and stinky. Afterwards unsanitary. Shower and toilet are too messy.

(Photos are from airbnb)

There are lots of holes in the wall and I could hear the sound from the next room. I I think Women are hard to stay here.

(Photos are from airbnb)

In the morning the mist was coming in from the next room by thier cleaning staff. I could not stand to stay here so I made my stay short and booked another better hotel.

(Photos are from airbnb)

It is tough to stay heret. But the owner is kind.

You can book here.


10849 Taiwan Taipei Wanghua District Guiyang Street Second Stage 114 Street 19 No. 1 Floor

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