Starbucks ー艋舺店” is too nostalgic Starbucks.


Unique shape reminiscent of a ship

The Starbucks Coffee ー艋舺店 store opened in April 2016.
The atmosphere here is quite special. This store is housed in the “Wanhua Lin Residence,” a city-designated historical site in the Wanhua District of Taipei City.

It has a uniquely shaped exterior reminiscent of a ship. It’s an Instagram-worthy Starbucks.

Although the interior is simple, it has the flavor of a historical building. Take, for example, this staircase.

Here’s what it looks like inside the store

Orders are taken at the order counter on the first floor. There is also a full lineup of sweets.

The Wanhua Lin Residence, where you can enjoy Starbucks and a Taipei City-designated historical site at the same time, is also a GOOD place for sightseeing.

This is a house where the rich people of the time lived, and it became a Starbucks.

Upstairs, there are many small tables, good for a small group to relax.


It is close to the famous Longshan Temple in Taipei, so you should definitely visit this Starbucks while paying a visit to the temple.

Address and official website

Starbucks Coffee (星巴克艋舺門市)
Address: No. 24, Lane 306, Section 1, Xiyuan Rd.
Business hours: Monday-Friday 7:30-22:00, Saturday-Sunday 8:30-22:00
Official website


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