【Taizhong】I stayed at Kiwi Express Hotel – Chenggong Rd


I stayed at Kiwi Express Hotel – Chenggong Rd.

It is easy to access there in about 5 minutes on foot from the stop of BRT bus stop second market. The staff was able to speak Japanese and English.
It’s pretty cheap here, right? Dormitory can stay at around 10 Us dollar.

The lobby is dirtier than the photo of Agoda. Furthermore, mosquitoes were pretty a lot.

The room is like this. There is a curtain. The bed is so big.

The outlet is here.

Here is a washroom.

The shower room looks like this. There was clothing store.

I took off my shoes and wear slippers and enter the room.

Free drinks.

You can rent free bike.

The entrance looks like this. You can walk from the station, but I guess it will take a bit.

There is also a washing machine.

This is the room. Ventilation in the room is bad.  Since there is a curtain, I could keep my privacy.

You can book here.


No.165, Chenggong Rd, taichung


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