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About Xpark

Xpark is the newest and best aquarium in Taiwan.

The National Museum of Marine Biology (Kenting Aquarium) in Kenting National Park is much larger and has long been considered the best.

I visited both in 2023 and concluded that Xpark is better value for money, has newer and better facilities (the aquarium in Kenting is huge, but many of them are closed, decrepit, or filling up space), and Xpark is also easier to get to.

The highlights of Xpark for me were seeing the huge main aquarium, jellyfish room, seals, penguin feeding, and touching the sea creatures in the hands-on area.

How to get there

Xpark is conveniently located near the Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station and the MRT Airport Station. It is ideal for a short break immediately after arrival in Taiwan, on the way to the airport just before leaving Taiwan, during transit time in Taiwan, or when traveling from Taipei to other cities by high-speed rail.

If you are coming from Taoyuan International Airport, take the airport MRT to the Taoyuan HSR station, which is 20 minutes away. Leave your luggage in the station’s luggage lockers (click here for instructions on how to use the luggage lockers) and proceed to Exit 2 for Xpark (Exit 1 leads to the HSR station).

If you are coming from Taipei, take the Shinkansen bullet train to Taoyuan Station (2 stops). The Taoyuan HSR station is connected to the MRT airport station, which is slightly closer to Xpark.

If you want to visit Xpark, the first step is to book your tickets!
If you have an online discount coupon, you can reserve and purchase your tickets here!。

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Believe it or not, you can actually sleep in Xpark while looking at the giant aquarium! The Xpark sleepover experience is offered by Hotel Cozzi Blu.

Hotel Cozzi Blu is located in the same building as Xpark and is especially recommended for families.

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