【Taizhong】I stayed at Park Hostel.


I tried staying at Park Hostel Taichung but I was very surprised.

I arrived around 7 pm, but no one is there.I was very surprised. I called them and I was about to check in by phone.

He taught me the entrance passcode and the locker passcode by phone.

Dmitry is like this. There are many students.

(Photo from Agoda)

Bed was very fluffy.

The shower feels delicate.

(Photo from Agoda)

A stuff came when I used smartphone in the lobby. But She went out immediately. PC is hard to use in the lobby as table was too small.

Oh well if there is something wrong, it is likely to be the trouble. Because there is no staff staying. I wonder if I wil not  come here again.

You can book here.


No.2, Ln. 193, Sec. 2, Qinghai Rd., Xidong, taichung

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