【Taizhong】I stayed at Backpacker 41 Hostel-Taichung


There is Seven Eleven near, too.
Check-in time is before 11 o’clock pm. so You should be careful.
Lockers can be used if paying 100 yuan deposit.

The room was a ten-person room. only a man room.

There is no lighting on the bed ,no  towel.

There is a table on the first floor and it is a place to relax.

(Photo from Agoda)

In the shower room, There is no place to put the clothes and it was inconvenient.

(Photo from Agoda)

It is relatively easy to book this place, it is cheap, so if you do not have a place to stay, it is good about one night to stay here. But the long term is hard to stay.

You can book here.


No.59, Jiguang St., taichung

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