【Taipei】I stayed at Star Box Hotel!


I tried staying at the capsule hotel “Star Box Hotel” in Taipei.

They are in this building. The first floor is Starbucks.

The entrance is very difficult to find. This small signboard is a landmark.

Since there is no bell, knock the door and calling the guard, that person will contact the hotel staff. Then the hotel staff will come down and let me put it on the elevator.

This is thier card key for the room. This can not be used for elevator.


This is room. I could close the curtain. bed room is wide.


It’s pretty much calm so it’s pretty wide.

I am glad that there are two outlets.

There is a window and it is open-minded. My suitcase M size entered to the locker.

Here is a lobby. There are seats for personal computers. Nearby is a bar.

This is washing machines. I bought detergents at the front desk.

The shower room is large. But Be careful as the place to put the clothes is small. There is also a hairdryer.

The difficulty is that the card key can not be used for the elevator, so I needed to contact the administrator on the first floor and have the staff pick me up every time.

It is very inconvenient and troublesome. I waited ten minutes or more sometime. But the price is also cheap. Here is easy to go the night market and Taipei station and MRT Zhongshan station. Staff are very kind.

You can book here.


No.288, Nanjing W. Rd., taipei, 10350


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