【Taipei】I stayed at Taipei Discover Hostel


Here is a recommended capsule hotel called “Discover Hotel” in Taipei.

Discover Hostel is near MRT Zhongshan elementary school station. This is thier building. Because there is no information on the elevator, I got lost at what floor they are. It was written when I entered the elevator.

The reception desk is small. There are lockers to change shoes and lockers to put in a luggage. I could not entered my suitcase M size.

This is a washroom and a shower room. It was clean.


The toilet is a washlet.

Here is a recreation room. You can also eat breakfast here.


There are variety of internet seats, cartoons and so on.

There are also terrace seats.

There are also seats for note computers.

The inside of the bedroom is quite large.

The bed room inside is quite large. There are hangers and mirrors etc.

If you stay the room on the corner, There are window.

There are two outlets.

There is a table which you can use your personal computer.

This hotel is quite clean and I recommended you to stay here.

You can book here.

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