[Taichung] I stayed at K Gold!


It is about 5 minutes from the bus stop second market.
It is a pretty small hotel.
the outside looks like this. Gold.

Business cards are also gold. This is a hotel that sticks to gold. I think Owners like gold.

The inside is very small. There are only about 10 beds on the first floor.
There is a free toothbrush.

Like this.

Bed room.

There is only one toilet and shower. very inconvenient.

In bed like this. There is a small locker under the bed. I could not have my suitcase in.

The Bed was nice. But It was very inconvenient that there was only one toilet.

The price is low but I guess I won’t come anymore.


You can book here.

Address: No.20, Ln. 175, Zhongshan Rd. Chuo-ku, Taichung, Taiwan, 40042

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