【China/Shenzhen】I stayed at 7days inn shuibei.


7days inn The hotel is a Chinese business hotel chain hotel. There are many hotels in China. There are also a lot in Shenzhen.

I tried staying at the 7days inn hotel of the shuibei in this time.

Although I went out the subway station, I could not catch a taxi at all. It was about a 10-minute walk from the station.

This business hotel chain hotel is spacious in size, inside is ok and there are WIFI and it is convenient so I often use this hotel in China.

The room is quite wide.

They are located a quiet place so I did not mind the noise. The staff was also nice.

This is a shower room. There is a door, so you can not get wet.

7days inn hotel is an inexpensive hotel for business trips in China.
There are no convenience stores around the Shuibei hotel. They sold water and sweets at the front desk insted.


7 Days Inn Shenzhen Shuibei Metro Station Branch
No.1102 Nigang East Road shenzen

You can book here.

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