【Taipei】I stayed at Single Inn – Taipei!


Single Inn Taipei is a convenient and clean hotel near Fuchu station of bangnan line.
I tried staying here this time. The appearance is like this. I felt that they renovated building to hotel.

If you book from agoda,it cost 20 us dollar and more.
Well, even if it says a single room, the room is  like this which is just by delimiting the floor.
But it is quite clean and the hotel itself is big.

There is a terrace seat at the entrance, and I smoke a cigarette.
There is a front desk and a vending machine on the first floor, but since there is no water selling so, I have to get it in the outside convenience store.

This is a card key.

Male and female floor are separated, elevator is also separated.

You can have breakfast on the 7th floor. Although it is only a sandwich or cold noodles I feel they are very tasty.
There are washing machines and spas in 7F. You can also use as free space and can also use your personal computer. There is also a free water server.

You can have tea and coffee. Sometimes someone play live in the morning and make a request when they are playing.
I think this is recommended hotel.

Check-out time is at 10 am. I think too early. The nice point here is that  there is a spa. I stayed for a week, but no one was using it when I was using it. I felt very elegant. As a matter of fact, I felt very relaxing after having a bath.

You can book here.

3F~6F, No.12, Ln. 1, Mingde St, Banqiao Taipei 22055


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