【Hong Kong】I stayed at Homy Inn North Point.

Hong Kong

How to get there

The hotel s in the North point. It takes 5-10 minutes walk from north point station. Hotel is like an old cliff building and there are floors where the elevator will not stop.
I tried staying at Agoda because it seemed to be reputable, but I was disappointed because it is Hong Kong. The room is for two people. Other roommate was a Hong Kong person.

The bed looks something like this. There is a toilet and a shower in the center. It is already the worst room layout.

Shower and toilet. It was occupied by things of the my roommate. I was waked up because he took a shower in the morning, He was the worst man who was sleeping while watching TV etc.

I felt that the Hong Kong man lives here. Well it’s cheap to stay here so. There is only one outlet. Towels are changed every day.

Here is a common room.

The common room is not pretty enough.

The staff was very kind.

You can book here.

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