【Hong Kong】I stayed at Bishop Lei International House

Hong Kong

How to get there

It was around 70us dollar on weekdays. There is a free shuttle bus to MTR central station, but it is faster to come by a walkway that moves from the middle ring. They are in the mountain side. If you do not use moving stairs ,you will have a hard time.
There is a church in the hotel. There is also a pool.

The shower looks like this.

I could not relax because my feet were slightly out even if I was 180 cm in size.

There are many hotels where there is a smartphone at a hotel in Hong Kong.

This is paid snacks. It is cheaper to buy it at a convenience store.

This is the price.

Next to the bed is like this.

The air conditioning is wood carving.

There is a reading room.

Here is gym.

Dining room. As for my plan, breakfast was not included.

You can book here.

4 Robinson Road, Mid-levels, Central, Hong Kong

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