【Hong Kong】I stayed at Silka Far East Hotel.

Hong Kong

How to get there

This is a hotel called Far East which  which is located in tsuenwan. I was disappointed.
It is terrible anyhow. First of all, it is ragged hotel. The lobby is also small.
The entrance looks something like this.

From the station you can go through the aerial sidewalk. There are convenience stores nearby, but convenience stores in Hong Kong are so small so there is nothing to buy beside water.

The room is small. WIFI is also weak, Anyone talking in  the hallway, so noisy. I was waked up early morning…There is no water.

Yeah, Hotel in Hong Kong ,smartphone is placed like this. I wonder who use this!  I use my smartphone of course.

It is a waste of space. The table was so small that I had a lot of trouble using my note book PC.

Here is shower room.

Some wall were broken.

Breakfast was not included.  Anyhow it’s awful. The baggage was managed in the back.

You can book here.

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