【Hong Kong】Easy fast food in Hong Kong,MX is easy and convenient to order.

Hong Kong

Today I came to MX for the first time.

It is an easy place for foreigners to come because they can easily order everything from breakfast to dinner on a touch panel.

Today I ate at a restaurant in front of the bus stop that takes you to the airport. By the way, there are many stores.

Breakfast set. $27.50. It is cheap. Milk tea was bad.

The restaurant is spacious and there were many businessmen there due to its location in the Central Circle. You can also take out to-go.

Where to get food

You buy at the entrance and get your food at the intake.

How to order

Now, how to place an order. First, tap “Start Purchase” on the touch panel.

Tap what to eat.


Tap Options.

Take-out or in-store or tap.

If you don’t want to order any more, just click on the “Continue” button.

You can also pay with Octopus card.

Pay with this receipt.

This is where the receipt comes from.

That’s all. It’s very easy.
Stores can be found on the site.

Official website



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