【China/Shenzhen】I stayed at7 Days Inn Dongmen Centre Hubei Subway Station Branch


How to get there

They are near the Huibei station of the subway. They are in a mingling market.
The entrance is in the parking lot.

There is a reception on the first floor, but it looks like it is not a hotel.

The room is like this.

There are minimum amenities.

Bathroom and washroom.

suspicious cards were here. It was sandwiched between the door without permission.
Is it Chinese Delivery massage service?

You can also walk to the Dongmen Town. The location is pretty convenient. But the market at the entrance is dirty and messed up.

But I like 7 Days Inn.

You can book here.

Address:No 656, Nanfang, Hetang Road,Hubei Street,Luohu District China

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