【Shenzhen】Eating small baskets at Lao Ban Chang老班長


Where is the location?

When I came back to Hong Kong from Shenzhen Wangkou shore, I came to Haiyue station and found another nice shopping mall here. It is a station of subway line 2, but there are beautiful residential areas around it.

I was hungry, so I went in to get something to eat.

It is a nice shopping mall called Baoneng-all city shopping center. It was located in this mall. There seem to be many other branches, so please check the official website.

The inside of this building was also quite spacious, with a movie theater and various other facilities. It was quite empty.
This kind of rattling is not found in Hong Kong, and it is very comfortable.

Exit B leads directly to the North Wing, and Exit A leads directly to the South Wing, which is very convenient.
There are many stores from fashion to restaurants, and the third floor of the south building is a kids’ floor with a playground and a game corner in addition to clothing and toy stores.
The food supermarket is in the basement of the south building, but there is an eat-in corner.

There was a mini 4WD circuit.

Lao Ban Chang has been in business since 1995 and is one of Guangzhou’s famous small basket restaurants. You can freely order using WeChat, a Chinese social networking service, which is very convenient.

This is what the store looks like.

Very tasty xiaolongbao. The total price for the xiaolongbao and steamed dumplings was a little over 40 yuan.

This restaurant probably has a branch, and I would recommend it for small baskets.


The restaurant was clean and the food was delicious. The food tasted elegant. I paid with Alipay, but it is better to bring a little cash for peace of mind. If the SIM of your phone runs out, you will not be able to settle your account without WIFI.

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