【Banqiao】I stayed at UZ Hostel.


The capsule hotel “UZ Hostel” is in Fuzhong, banqiao, Xinbei City. They are located just a few steps from the Fuzhong MRT station.

They are around the back of the eslite department store.

The entrance may be a little confusing. Hard to find.

They are in the basement.

Inside is very wide. I have my suitcase M size entered the locker.

The owner can speak Japanese and is very kind.

They gave me Free McDonald ‘s ticket.


The room is like this. It is a common capsule.

Bathroom and shower room. It is rather wide. There is only one washing machine. It may be better to do laundry outside because the dryer is weak.

There is free drink and computer in lobby.


Although it was very good, there are many mosquitoes. I bought a mosquito repellent sheet at a pharmacy and used it because it was quite many. Mosquitoes may come in from underground and mosquitoes comes from the exhaust outlet.

I hope they improve this issue.

You can book here.

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