【Hong Kong】Hwangtasien (Kowloon) shopping mall Hwangtasien Center

Hong Kong

Where is the location?

This shopping mall is directly connected to the Hwangtasen MTR station. It has a South Wing and a North Wing. It is a newly built and beautiful shopping mall.

The modern building houses restaurants and fashion-related stores.

This is the south wing.

It is a long horizontal mall.

There are many restaurants. There are also electronics stores.
It seems to be a convenient mall for daily life.

It had the feel of a common mall.

This is the North Building. This building is also directly connected to the station.


It is recommended to take a restroom break or a break at a café after seeing the Huang Tai Sin Temple.


Access: MTR Hwangtasien Station
South Wing: No. 103, Jeongde St., Hwangtasien
North Wing: No. 136, Longxiang Road, Hwangtasien

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