【Hsinchu】Directions to Lake Cheongcho


About Lake Cheongcho

Located east of Hsinchu, Qingchao Lake was developed early as a reservoir for the Yagake River and is the oldest scenic spot in Hsinchu, surrounded by temples and lush greenery.

Near the lake is Lingyin Temple, a Japanese-style shrine dedicated to Zhuge Liang, and an inscription on a temple pillar praises Zhuge Liang’s wise wisdom.

How to get there

Public Transportation
1. High Speed Rail: Take the High Speed Rail to Hsinchu Station and transfer to another public transportation.
2. Bus: Take the Hsinchu Bus in front of the Hsinchu Station and take the “Hsinchu – Huangxincheng, Shuangxi, Guandongqiao”, “Hsinchu – Sanfeng”, “Hsinchu – Huangxincheng” or “Hsinchu – Neihu” bus to Qingchohu

By car
National Highway 1→exit at the Hsinchu interchange→go straight on Gwangfu Road toward the city→turn left on Nandaju Road→turn left on Minghu Road→pass Yanbao Hotel→turn left on Huanhu Road to reach the site


Located 4 kilometers from Hsinchu City, the lake is fed by the Kea River and was constructed in 1956 for various tourism and irrigation purposes. However, siltation of the reservoir, damage caused by typhoons, and indiscriminate construction work upstream have caused the lake to lose its tourist appeal. On the left side of the road surrounding the lake, past the dam, there is an uphill switchback road that provides a shortcut to Gugi Kiho and the Science Park. On the other side of the lake is Yeongin Temple, a peaceful environment with many stone lanterns and stone pillars remaining from the Japanese colonial period.

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