How to get to Yehliu Ocean World


About Yehliu Ocean World

Yehliu Ocean World is the largest aquarium in northern Taiwan and one of the few outdoor aquariums in Taiwan. It has an indoor aquarium and an outdoor show for children. It is a must stop when visiting the northern coast of Taiwan.

How to get there

By Bus

The Yehliu Ocean World and the adjacent Yehliu Geopark are easily accessible from downtown Taipei. From the Taipei City Government Bus Terminal (directly above the Taipei City Government MRT Station), take bus #1815, which will take approximately one hour to arrive at the No-Liu bus stop. From there, it is about a 15-minute walk to the entrance of the Yehliu Geopark and Yehliu Ocean World.

By train and bus

Take the train to Keelung City and take the Taiwan Tourist Bus (Keelung Shuttle Bus West Line) to No-Liu Geopark. The bus departs from the visitor center near the old train station building in Keelung. Buses run once an hour from May to October and once every two hours from November to April.

By Car

By car, take National Highway No. 1 to the Xizhi System Interchange, then transfer to National Highway No. 3 to Keelung. At the end of the highway, transfer to Provincial Highway No. 2 and drive north to Wanli.


Yehliu Geopark NT$80 for adults, NT$40 for students and 6-12 year olds.

No-Liu Ocean World NT$438 for adults, NT$219 for children (3-11 years old).

If you want to visit Yehliu Ocean World in Keelung, the first step is to book tickets!
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Dolphins skillfully use their grace and intelligence to quickly and accurately follow numerous commands for all manner of complex tasks. Dolphins are one of the few Earth creatures other than humans thought to have a language of their own, and when swimming at full speed, they are capable of a wake that rivals that of a small motorized watercraft.

Performances at Ocean World include synchronized diving, basketball tricks, ring catches, Frisbee catches, and hula hoop spins. Regardless of the controversy between conservation and educational activities at a place like Ocean World and having dolphins perform the “Gangnam Style” dance, it is impressive to say the least.

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