Directions to Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area


About Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area

Dasyueshan means “big snow mountain. Located in Taichung County, the center of Taiwan, the National Forest Recreation Area is 2,000 meters above sea level, with low-temperature zone bushes, virgin forests, big trees, and old trees. On the southwestern ridge of Dashueshan (Mt. Dashueshan), there is Mt. Xiaolai, Mt. Zhuanma, Mt. Xiushita, Mt. Zhongxue, and Mt. Tashita. During the hottest part of summer, the temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius, but during the coldest part of the year, it can be as low as -5 degrees Celsius.

This mountain resort is a summer retreat for those who want to spend their vacation hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and enjoying the snowy landscape.
Area attractions include the Snow Mountain Sacred Forest, Lake Siozai, and a virgin forest. In addition, the expanded Anma Mountain Jungle Pool Trail, Xiaolai Mountain, Xiaoshan Mountain, Chungryeosan Mountain, and Taoshan Mountain climbing trails provide visitors with a wonderful outdoor experience to enjoy nature to the fullest. The Flora and Fauna Tour Area, Jangsinsan Mountain Nursery, Hwawangsan Botanical Garden, Youth Outdoor Activity Area, and Campground are the most visited spots.

How to get there

National Highway 1 or 3 → National Highway 4 → Minegen Interchange → Provincial Highway 3 → Dongshi → Follow signs to Forest Road 200 → Mt.

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There are three trails in the Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area.

The longest trail in Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area is Shenmu Trail. It is 4.5 km long.

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