【Taipei】Yonghe xingnan Night Market


Where are they Located?

Yonghe xingnan Night Market is located just off the MRT “Nanshijiao” station.

It is very convenient that Night Market is in front of the station.

This sign is the land mark.


Since this Night Market is not a pedestrian, so many bikes pass through the street. Please be careful.
Once you enter the night market, You can see many shoes and clothes shops in your eye.
They are very cheap, for example jeans are sold at just 100 NT$!

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When I see the back alley, analog games are displayed.


When you go inside, you can see food and drink stalls.

nanxi3 nanxi2

 “Taiwan douhua”
 “Taiwan douhua” is a douhua specialize store, and you can eat a unique tofu dessert Taiwan.

You can choose Peanuts and tapioca toppings, and then put the sauce from top of the douhua.

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Since the night market is local type, so very different from Shilin Night Market.


Yonghe xingnan Night Market
Xinyi St, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, 台湾 235
Access:MRT Nanshijao station

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