[Poke GO] I participated in the Taipei Safari Zone.


From October 1 (Thu) to October 6 (Sun), Pokemon GO’s Pokémon GO Safari Zone in New Taipei City was held in Sangchong, New Taipei City, adjacent to Taipei, Taiwan.
It was New Taipei Metropolitan Park in front of Sangchong Station on the subway. I will report immediately.

The first thing that surprised me was the large number of Japanese. I was really involved. It’s still very hot even in October. It was really hot. There are many people using parasols, walking with parasols, so it was dangerous because the parasol hit. people…

The person who wanted to exchange pokemon had a signboard.

On the first day,  app often stopped. The signal condition was not good during the afternoon, and the Taiwanese around me said too.  The centerpiece Pokémon this time is the Heracross, an area-specific Pokémon that usually only appears in South America. Since it is a Pokemon that has never appeared in Japan, many people came from Japan for this purpose.

So there were many Heracross and unkown. .Unkown had “A / C / F / I / N / P / S / T / R” from “Pokémon GO Safari Zone in New Taipei City”.

Japanese participants

On the way, there was a line, so when I tried to line up, I go an event fan.

Unkown T-shirt people

Many Taiwanese play on multiple aircraft. Here, She had 6 more.

There were many stalls at the venue.

A person who sells multiple trays.

If you brought your suitcase, there was a service to keep it at the station.

Limited research was also implemented at the event.


It was a very hot but fun event. I would like to participate again if I have the opportunity.

There was also a rest area for each team.

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