【Hong Kong】Buy a SIM card in Shenzhen Pingpu in Hong Kong City

Hong Kong

Where is the location?

You can buy SIM cards at Hong Kong Airport, but there are also many stores selling SIM cards in Shenzhen, Hong Kong’s “Akihabara”.

You can also buy a “Zhonggang SIM” here, which can be used in both Hong Kong and the mainland.

To get there, take exit A2 of MTR Shenzhen Piao station. The street in front of you is Yaluogai. This is a district like Hong Kong’s Akihabara, where you can find many electronic goods and other weird items for sale.


What kind of town?

Stalls and stores are jumbled together like this.



Many stores sell SIM cards. You will see them everywhere. I was able to buy a 7-day Zhonggang SIM 150 HKD for 110 HKD.
Very cheap.


There are quite a few SIM stores.


There are also many other stores selling dubious parts. The more serious electrical appliances are sold in general stores, so here you will find more incidental items, such as lighting fixtures, batteries, magnets, cords, cell phone cases, and other miscellaneous practical items, mainly digital items. It’s right in front of the station, so you can just plop in.


It is quite fun just to look around, so if you are in Hong Kong, please stop by.



You can often find these second-hand markets mixed in with the digital ones.

This is the Zhonggang SIM. With this, you can use FACEBOOK and GOOGLE in China. You can also use it with a PC by using a design ring. It is very easy to set up.



Access to Shinsui Piao Duck Liao Street

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