【 Zhongli】Stayed at Duke Business Hotel!


Where is the location?

It is about 10 minutes walk from Jhongli Station of Taiwan Railway. It is also about 10 minutes from Jhongyuan Night Market. In the future, the MRT airport line will also open.

There are two buildings.

Check-in time is 5:00 pm. The front desk staff only speaks Chinese. Their attitude is not so good.
They give you a breakfast ticket. Breakfast is buffet style.

The room looks like this.

If you are staying for consecutive nights, they don’t make the beds for you. The room is quite quiet. There are condoms in the room.

WiFI is fast here.

To get to Taoyuan Airport, you must now take the MRT Huanbei Station.
Bus No. 171 is available from Jhongli Station of Taiwan Railway to Huanbei MRT Station, and it takes about 10 minutes.

It is now the last stop so you can sit down and get to the airport.

Tips and Summaries

It is in a remote location, but the price is cheap, breakfast is included, and it is close to the airport, so I think it is very cost-effective.


Reservations can be made here.


No.8, Ln. 437, Sec. 2, zhong N. Rd., Jhongli, Taoyuan, Taiwan, 32087


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