How to get to Jiufen by bus from Taipei


About Jiufen

Jiufen is a very cool mountain town on the northeastern coast of Taiwan, a few kilometers from Jinguashi. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations around Taipei City and thus one of the busiest spots on Taipei Island. Be sure to visit this beautiful old town.

How to get there

If you want to visit Jiufen, the first step is to book tickets!
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It took us about an hour and a half drive from Taipei.
The scenery and atmosphere was very nice.

However, it was very difficult because of the many hills.

On weekends, there are many people and the streets with stores are in the state of Ameyoko at the end of the year. It’s a bit like a candy store at the end of the year;
But the stores inside are quaint and great for souvenirs.
The food is also good!

There are two ways to get to Jiufen: by express bus or by train + bus.
If you are coming from Taipei, you can take the Taiwan Railway to Ruifang Station (45 minutes) and then take a bus or cab.

The direct express bus from Taipei to Jiufen is operated by the bus company Keelung Bus Company.
The boarding procedure is the same as for regular local buses. The route to Jiufen is on the expressway on the way.

The trip to Jiufen takes about 1.5 hours if there is no traffic jam.

Buses leave from the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. The bus stop is located at Exit 2 of the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station.
To check the route, please visit the following website.

Keelung Bus Homepage 基隆汽車客運有限公司

Bus fares must be paid in advance. Yuyu cards are also accepted.

In most cases, buses in Taiwan do not announce their stops, so in the case of Jiufen, if you see a lot of tourists getting off, get off there!

By the way, if you don’t get off at the “Jiufen” stop, which is at the bottom of the town, but get off at the next “Old Street” stop, it is very easy to go sightseeing while going down the hill!


Jiufen has cobblestone streets, with rows of old prewar houses and old teahouses in the back alleys, giving the impression of old Taiwan.

It used to be a remote area with only nine households, but it flourished during the gold rush.

It is also the setting for the movie “The City of No Mercy. The perfect location overlooking Keelung Bay is unbeatable.

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