【Taipei】Ningxia Night Market


Where are they Located?

Shilin Night Market is most famous in Taiwan, I will recommended you Ningxia Night Market if you keen on eating.

This Night Market is only about 400m length one road but local taiwanese people recommend here for eating.

The other night market sell goods and clothes, but here Ningxia Night Market sells food only.

I will Introduce you the baked dumpling store in Ningxia Night Market.

The location is to the left of the Ningxia Night Market`s sign. Since making dumplings baked in front of the shop so It is easy to find.
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One is for 5.5 yuan. They are freshly baked . Water dumplings are also recommended.

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You can eat minced pork rice here. This restaurant has many tourists.There is an English menu.

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While located in the Night Market Street , they open until mid night.

They sells retort pack as well.


Ningxia Night Market
Ningxia Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103


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