[Access] Bus station at Chiayi Station for Alishan(Mt.Ali)


Bus stop at Chiayi Station for Alishan(Mt.Ali)

It is right in front of Chiayi Station. There is an information center at the station so you can get information there.

There are quite a few hacks. The cost is 240 yuan for a bus but 250 yuan for 4 people for a hack.
If you are four people, you may be a hack.

There is a guide on the ground. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes by bus from Chiayi to Alishan.

Bus route map. You can take the 7322 bus.

You can’t miss it as there are many foreigner groups.

There is a possibility that the bus does not have a toilet, so it is a good idea to do it at a station in advance.

Bus stop map

Ticket purchase method (reservation method)

There is a famiport (a machine that can buy tickets like ATMs) so you can buy it there.

Select a Bus company

Select the Alishan B line as the route name. You can also select a seat.

Pay the cash at the cash register as a receipt will appear. Then you will get a ticket. It costs 10 yuan.

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