Directions to the National Museum of Marine Life


About National Museum of Marine Life

The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is located near the sea, not far from Kenting National Park in Pingtung. Taiwan is an island surrounded by the sea. Blessed with abundant water resources, it has nurtured a diverse and distinctive culture. The museum is dedicated to preserving such gifts. The purpose of establishing such a museum is for biological education, commerce, culture, and recreation as well as respect for the environment.

The National Museum of Marine Biology covers an area of 96.81 hectares. This museum focuses on water. It is mainly composed of three areas: “Water of Taiwan,” “Coral Kingdom Pavilion,” and “Water of the World,” as well as the Administration Building, Education Building, Laboratory Building, Research Building, Maintenance Building, and International Conference Building. One of the most interesting features is the 84-meter underwater walkway and 150-gallon aquarium in the Coral Kingdom Pavilion.

How to get there

Take THRS to Zuoying Station, then take Kending Express Line 9189 to the bus stop for the National Museum of Marine Life and Aquarium, and take the Kending shuttle bus to the National Museum of Marine Life and Aquarium.

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1. slippers prohibited
2. pets and hazardous materials prohibited
3. no flashing or putting on glass windows
4. no smoking, no gum, no betel nut
5. no eating or drinking except in restaurants and designated areas
6. no loud voices
7. no feeding fish

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