13 best Tapioca Milk Teas in Taipei, Taiwan


The main criteria are

price and quantity
Good looks

In addition to it,

Ease of order
Staff correspondence
The fashion of the store
Store size and location


First, tapioca milk tea from JENJUDAN.

珍煮丹 日本オフィシャルサイト 「珍煮丹TRUEDAN(トゥルーダン)」の最大の特徴は、その卓越した技術と素材選びによる 「品質」、そして全て自然素材で添加物を使用していないことです。主原料は、100%台湾製の天然黒糖とその黒糖の味を存分に染み込ませた天然のタピオカ。 それに加え、北海道産の濃厚な牛乳と、最高級の茶葉...

There are quite a few stores in Taipei. They are very popular among local people.

The price is M size $ 50 .

Basically, it is a take-out type shop.

Milk tea has a rich taste and the sweetness is standard, but not so sweet (compared to other stores).

Tapioca, on the other hand, is sweeter. It is very good match with milk tea.

You can choose the amount both sugar and ice.

The reason why the ranking is not high is … Anyway, I feel just “standard”

12.Xing Fu Tang

Recently, it seems that brown sugar tapioca milk is popular in Taiwan.

The one of them is “Xing Fu Tang”.


I ordered brown sugar tapioca milk.

M size is TWD 55, L size is TWD 65.

At first, the brown sugar and milk parts come out separately, so mix well and drink it.

The biggest feature of this tapioca milk is that the sugar on the surface is baked with a burner.

So-called creme brulee.

Unfortunately at Xing Fu Tang, the clerk was not very friendly.

It seems to be a shop that is newly developed throughout Taiwan, and staffs may not have been educated too much.

WuFuYuan – Tapioca Pearl (Black) – Net Wt. 8.8 Oz.

11.Milk Shop

One of the many tapioca milk tea chain shops in Taipei is Milk Shop.


A shop with a nice green color.

The clerk’s response and skill are good, and they speakEnglish well.

$ 55 for M size

Tapioca was rather soft, and it was impressive that tapioca itself had a sweet taste.

On the other hand, milk tea is easy.


I bought this “Oh Chacha” because I found it right next to Taiwan Station.


Because they are located near the station, there were many tourists and locals.

The menu is overall fashionable.

Staffs were very friendly.

“Brown sugar tapioca milk tea”, NT $ 65. It is expensive.

The black and white cup is fashionable.

The size is small.

But the taste was good! Or rather, it was an unusual taste.

Thick milk using fresh cream.

There is a small cookie piece like Oreo inside. The texture is interesting.

Tapioca is slightly sweet and hardened.

The whole taste is very rich and tastes like a cookie vanilla ice shake.

9.Chen Sanding Brown Sugar Frog Fresh Founder

It is named after the shape and color of tapioca resembling frog eggs.

There is only one store but it is famous. I bought a girl who seems to be Japanese.

Let’s actually buy and drink.

The size is uniform M size. 40 Taiwan dollars.

It’s just milk, not milk tea.

Unfortunately they closed.

8.TenRen Tea

A major tea maker in Taiwan, “Tenren Mincha”


They also has a take-out tea shop.

That is “Cafe To Go”.

50 dollars for M size.

I felt that their tapioca milk tea was rich in tea and rich in flavor.

If you ask for a little or no sugar, the taste of tea is strongly felt and delicious.

Tapioca is medium size and hardened. The texture is comfortable w

The tea with the best flavor of “tea” in milk tea was here.


The tapioca milk tea from “TP-TEA” was also popular among locals.

They are located near the Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei.

茶湯會TP-TEA │ 外帶茶飲第一品牌

takeout style.

Tapioca milk tea costs TWD49.

One size of L (700ml) only.

“Small and soft tapioca” and “tea with low sweetness and richness” were characteristic.

Tapioca is small and soft, with a slight sweetness.



There is a store near the ticket gate of the train from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport to Taipei, so some people may be the “first Taiwan tapioca milk tea”.


There are quite a few stores in the city, and the signboards of cute characters stand out and are easy to find.

It seems that there are many shops only for takeout.

The clerk was very friendly, and she was very fluent in English.

Tapioca milk tea for NT $ 40. The size is all L size (about 700ml).

You can choose sweetness or ice / hot, but only one size.

It is very cheap.

Tapioca is soft and slightly sweet.

There are many drinks of fruit type other than milk tea, so it is a shop that you will want to visit many times during your stay in Taiwan.

5.Chun Shui Tang

“Chun Shui Tang” is said to be the birthplace of Taiwan tapioca milk.

There are stores all over Taiwan, so I went to the founding store in Taichung.

There is also a store at Taoyuan Airport, so some people may be the first Taiwanese tapioca to drink.


Price slightly higher. S size is TWD 70.

The amount is about halfway between M and L in “50ran”.

Tapioca is small in size. It is easy to drink when it comes in.

The ice is quite fine and it is easy to drink as a whole.

Unlike other tapioca milk tea shops, “Chun Shui Tang” has a wide variety of dishes.


4.Huangpu Jinju Tea Shop

The recent Taiwanese tapioca milk tea shop is relatively fashionable.

Under these circumstances, the “Yellow-Weared Chinju Tea Shop” is much more like  local store than other stores.

Well, it’s a bit dirty, street-style store.

The staff was very friendly.

Milk tea is medium size (500ml) and costs TWD 35.

Even large (700ml) size, it costs 45 Taiwan dollars.

Soft and large tapioca has a gentle sweetness and a slightly fruity aftertaste.

Tapioca may be the most distinctive so far.

The warm tapioca brown sugar part and the cold milk tea.


It seems to be the birthplace of Taichung, but there are also stores near Taipei Station.

萬波島嶼紅茶 Wanpo Tea Shop
台灣眷村的傳統茶飲料品牌-萬波島嶼紅茶 主打傳遞古早味飲品及創新飲品的樂趣,共享美好生活,堅持每一杯手搖的飲品。

This Brown sugar! Delicious anyway!

Faintly fruity, but rich brown sugar.

It works best with milk.

The price is T $ 50 for M size.

Tapioca is also soft and comfortable chewing comfort,

It further enhances the sweetness of brown sugar.

simple but sophisticated astringent cute label.

The interior of the shop is also clean and nice.

The service was very good.


Their light yellow signs are easy to find and They are found all over Taiwan.


take-out style, but there is a small benche.

always popular with locals, so you might have to wait a bit to order.

It seems that they often deal with foreigners, and most stores have Japanese / English menus.

Be sure to visit Taiwan’s leading tea shop “50 Arashi” by all means.

1.Tiger Sugar

The first place for Taiwanese tapioca milk tea is “Tiger Sugar”.

The beauty of appearance, price, taste, clerk’s response, interior of the store … this was the best overall.

Tiger Sugar 老虎堂|虎虎生風|黑糖專売
使用獨家「 虎式黑糖 」 , 經由完美比例組成 , 口感分明有層次 , 香氣十足。

The name of the store is cool.

The interior is cool with industry.

The clerk’s skill is good and They speaks English very well.

I ordered brown sugar milk tea. $ 55.

The tiger-like pattern of brown sugar and milk is beautiful.

Tapioca is warm and soft.

Maybe they use fresh cream. Milk tea is quite rich.

They are located near Taipei Station and Ximen.

If you come to Taipei, Taiwan, please drink it.

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