Directions to Hualien Far Glory Ocean Park


About Hualien Far Glory Ocean Park

Hualien Ocean Park is a marine theme park located in Yanliao Village, Shoufeng Township, Hualien City, Taiwan. It is the first marine theme park in Taiwan.

It covers an area of 51 hectares and is divided into a marine park and an aquarium. The main amusement zones are Brighton by the Sea, Crystal Castle, Discovery Island, Dolphin Lagoon, Harbor Square, Main Street, Mariner’s Cove, and Underwater Kingdom. Cable cars are also available.

How to get there

Take the TRA to Hualien Station, transfer to a bus and get off at Ocean Park Station.

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It is the first theme park in Taiwan to focus on marine ecology and the only one to combine a theme park, nature park, and Victorian-style five-star resort hotel. The marine animal performances, which allow visitors to see dolphins and sea lions up close, are one of the main attractions of this theme park.

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