【Taipei】I stayed at Taipei Oxygen Hostel


You can also go from MRT Ximen to Taipei Station. They are near the 228 park.

The first floor is a cafe and You will check in there.

The staff took the trouble to bring my suitcase to the room.

The room feels nice. The locker can be opened with the card key. I did not put  the suitcase M size in.

(Photo from Agoda)

The recreation room,You sits on the floor.

My back hurts.

(Photo from Agoda)

There are a lot of foreign staff. They are European and American type. It was such a feeling that there was no motivation or attitude as worker. They are cleaning and doing chores. People who care may worry about this.

The inside of the room is like this. The ceiling is low. Because it made in wood, it makes me feel calm.

It was nice to have a hanger clip.

I stayed again but the attitude of the reception was getting worse.

You can book here.


No.100,Sec.1,Chongqing S.Rd.,Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

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