【eat】Cup noodle in Taiwan.


Today, I will introduce you “Cup noodles in Taiwan”.

As same as instant noodles Japan, there are roughly two kinds of Cup noodles, soup noodle and no soup noodle. There are also rice flour (rice noodles) and Chinese-type noodles. There are various kinds Cup noodles in Taiwan.

This is beef noodle. You can see easily at convenience store.


 Inside is like this.

cup2 cup1

There are 3 ,Noodle, seasoning, powder.

Soup is very smelly and spicy. Noodles is fried noodles, but it is quite greasy.
Beef is very soft and juicy.

By the way, Some Taiwanese people put a Putchin pudding to instant noodles.eating this way is popular among young people. You wanna try it?

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