【Access】From Taipei to Hualien it is quick to go by bus and train together.


From Taipei to Hualien it is quite quick to go by bus and train together.

First,  go to the MRT City hall bus terminal.

Here you can buy set tickets for bus and train. If you say “I go Hualien by bus and train, they give you this discount tickets.

This ticket.

arrive in Luodong by the capital bus for about an hour.

This is the Bus Terminal of Luodong. They are located just in front of the station.

You can also buy tickets here on return.


As for the ticket,It is local train limited, so if they come, you can get in, if time does not match, you can go to change a train which goes faster. You can pay add cost at counter, say Jia jia which mean add cost at counter.

I changed it at 26 yuan.

Unlike a section car (local train), This train is reserved seat. There is only the upper shelf where to put the suitcase.

The view of the ocean is good.

I arrived at Hualien in about an hour and a half.

It is faster and cheaper than just going by train from Taipei. Please use it as your reference.

Capital bus

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